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Pins, Large and Small

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G17.) Interpreter Pin in Sterling silver. The perfect gift for every interpreter!

$60.00 Buy Now

Matching key chain: P19
H02.) Legacy Pin, Pewter, Matte gold plated, Antique gold plated
Designed for my own mother. Two lifelike arms crossed over the heart depict the sign "love".

Choose from:
Pewter, $28.00 Buy Now
Antique gold, $28.00 Buy Now
Matte gold, $28.00 Buy Now
H03.) Victorian ILY Bar Pin, Antique gold plated,
1 3/4" long, make a feminine fashion statement!

$14.00 Buy Now

Matching earrings: H04
H06.) Victorian ILY Brooch, Antique gold plated,
1" high, with a delicate engraved design.

$12.00 Buy Now

Matching earrings: H04

E12.) I Love You Forever Pin, gold plated. Realistic looking hand, with or without a pearl in the palm. Tac back pin.

Pin with Pearl $10.00 Buy Now
Pin without Pearl $8.00 Buy Now
E09.) I Love You Truly Pin (large), Antique gold plated, Antique silver plated. This is a jumbo sized way to shout "I love you"! Full 1" high.

Antique gold plated $8.00 Buy Now
Antique silver plated $8.00 Buy Now
C12.) Mini I Love You Pin, Antique gold plated.
Our tiniest "I love you" pin, just 3/8" high. Lightweight enough for summer fashions.

Antique gold plated $6.00 Buy Now
E06.) I Love You Pin, Gold plated, Silver plated, 3/4" high.

Gold plated $6.00 Buy Now
Silver plated $6.00 Buy Now

Matching earrings: E07

Matching necklace: E08
F01.) Folk Heart Pin with red heart, Gold plated,
Silver plated. Approx. 3/4" high.

Gold plated $8.00 Buy Now
Silver plated $8.00 Buy Now

Matching earrings: F03
Matching necklace: F04
E01.) Friendship Pin,
Antique gold plated, Antique silver plated, Select one for each friend, old and new. "One is silver, the other gold".

Ant. gold plated $8.00 Buy Now
Ant. silver plated $8.00 Buy Now
E16.) Friends Tie Tac,
Antique gold plated, Antique silver plated. Just for men. Remember him on Father's Day.

Ant. gold plate $12.00 Buy Now
Ant. silver plated $12.00 Buy Now

Matching Keychain: E02
P03.) ILY Tie Tac, gold plated. Subtle 3/8" high hand and tie back clutch with bar and chain.

Gold plated ILY Tie Tac $12.00 Buy Now
C14.) I Love You Cross Pin, Antique silver or goldplated. Cross approx. 1" high.

Antique silver plated $10.00 Buy Now
Antique gold plated $10.00 Buy Now

Matching cross necklace in antique gold. C13
C15.) Fisherman's Cross Pin, Gold plated Christian "fish cross" symbol combines with sign for "fish" to make a pin for all the "fishers of men".

$8.00 Buy Now
T27.) America's Colors Pin (ribbons)
Red and navy blue with a shiny gold ILY hand.
Think 4th of July!

$6.50 Buy Now

K01.) Hand and Heart Pin, red, white & blue
1" diameter, colorful and fun!

$5.00 Buy Now

Matching necklace: K02
Matching keyring: K04

C11.) Love and Hearts Swing Pin
A totally unique pin, loaded with
swinging hearts and symbols of love.

Swing Pin $18.00 Buy Now
P08.) Swing Pin, gold plated.
Colorful beads and shiny charms combine in this fun pin. Wear it or attach to your favorite backpack or tote bag!

Swing Pin $18.00 Buy Now
T19.) Personalized Triple Heart Pin with your choice of 3 SignSpell letters. ILY and heart SignSpell charms also available. Choose your 3 charms and bead color: red, blue, green, or pearl.

Triple Heart $35.00 Buy Now

Be sure to type letters and bead color on that you want in the 'Order Details' box on the shopping cart page at checkout.

T04.) Little Hug Pin. Give a hug to someone special and keep one for yourself. Set of two pins, one pink and one turquoise.

Hug Pins Set $6.00 Buy Now

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